Southwest Shootout 2017

This logo was created for the Southwest Shootout Regional Border Slam for 2017 that was held in Laredo, Texas. The logo needed to represent the spirit of poetry slams along with the creativity, energy, and passion that is experienced during a slam competition. The target audience was the creative/artistic community. The logo needed to convey the idea of art and creativity. I was asked to try to incorporate something that evoked the Southwestern region of the United States and also given the option to explore my own ideas.

Below is the first round of logos that we explored. I was leaning towards the first option with the text bubble but the client wanted something with a more Southwestern feel.

Below is the final logo after we went back and revisited what they wanted. The logo was finished off in one color so the client could decide on whatever color they needed for whatever they were placing the logo on. I gave them one main lockup with two variations on the lockup for more flexibility.

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