This is a logo created for a company that sells organic/clean meals which can be prepared in a short time. The logo was targeted at Westerners and wealthier locals and was supposed to strike some sense of appetite and convey the idea of creativity and fun. I created the logo, a shirt design for the employees, and a facebook banner.

Below are the original logo concepts that were presented to the customer. I was leaning towards the 4th option, which is a chef's hat with a hidden C.E. in the hat. The customer went with option 2 which we continued to refine further.

First 5 logo variations for Cooking.Express

The customer wanted to explore different cutting board shapes. I presented the options below.The board shapes were all based on commercially-available boards, some inspired by custom cutting boards I found Online, and some that I created myself.

Cooking.Express cutting board shape variations

We ended up going back to the original design but added some texture to the board to insinuate wood grain and the lines that you see on fish meat.The client went with PANTONE® 485, which is a widely-popular color in the restaurant and food service industry that is closely associated with hunger and food.

Cooking.Express Final Logo
Employee Shirt design with chile on back (word cloud)

Cooking.Express Facebook Cover Image
Cooking.Express Facebook cover photo.

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